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Therapy for students in Edinburgh

We often think of students living away from home and enjoying their freedom, however the flip side of this is that they may experience greater levels of anxiety and be less happy than the general population. 

How First Psychology can help students

Our practitioners are experienced in working with students / young people with a broad range of issues including anxiety, stress, depression/low mood, loneliness, relationship issues, eating and body image issues and much more. 

Common contributors to student mental health issues

Some of the common factors which contribute to poor mental health in students are:
  • Being geographically removed from family and friends who provide an emotional support network
  • Academic pressures - worries about being good enough, being able to keep up with work, etc
  • Financial worries – the rising cost of living

Mental health and universities

Universities and colleges often provide wellbeing services for their students, however provision can vary widely throughout the UK. A recent study of university students found that a large proportion had some form of mental health concern and many did not want to seek help from their university. 

Common mental health issues that students face

Anxiety, stress and loneliness are the most common mental health issues experienced by students. Students may feel alone with their issues, but research shows that they most certainly are not - many students are experiencing similar issues.

International students – additional concerns

International students studying in the UK are further from their families, friends and cultures and in addition may feel under extra pressure to perform well due to the increased costs of learning. Find out more about our services for international students

Therapy sessions during term time and the holidays

We can work in person or online, which can be particularly helpful for students who may want to continue therapy through the holidays as well as in term-time. Sessions are available during the day, evenings and also on Saturdays so you can fit them around your studies and other commitments.

Parents of students

If you're a parent of a young adult who is struggling at university or college, we can help put your mind at rest. If your young person is willing, we can speak to them and book them in for a therapy session with one of our experienced practitioners. We handpick our practitioners and carry out a number of checks to ensure they comply with our criteria regarding qualifications, safeguarding, supervision, etc. Once they are booked in, you have the option of paying for their sessions online so they can focus on getting the support they need. 

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