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I was extremely nervous coming to see you but I immediately felt at ease when I met Ewan, and since then I feel we have managed to turn my life around. I basically 'stood up', and now I feel nothing can stop me. Thank you so much for your help.


I'd had counselling before but I never really stopped going round in circles. The way you explained my problem to me really made sense. I think it is fair to say this process has changed my life.


Good service, nice staff. Flora was great, thanks.


I can't really add much to what I said in your questionnaire, but just to say again thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.


Since coming to see you my son has made a massive improvement and is getting his old self back. It is such a relief, as you know we were so worried about him. Thanks to you all – and to Noreen – who really helped us find what he needed.


I feel so much better, and can now look forward to the future. Thanks for your help.


I thought you were helpful, professional and friendly from beginning to end.


I had always tried to get my partner into seeing someone, and eventually we came to see Chris together as a couple. This really helped both of us, and my partner is now seeing someone himself which seems to be helping him a lot. It was great to find somewhere that could offer us this option.


I found the whole thing difficult, if I am honest, but what made it bearable was working with you. That is a big compliment!! I know I will come back when things settle down too.


I really appreciated the friendly voice on the phone and can you please thank the girls in the office for just being so helpful and caring. They really made it easy for me to do this and I am so grateful to you all.


I was advised to see you by my GP and it has been very helpful. It was definitely money well spent.